We have recently released high-depth, whole genome sequence data on our initial sample of 128 healthy individuals from the Ashkenazi population, as described in our recent publication in Nature Communications.

All individuals were controls in previous association studies:

  1. Longevity (Gil Atzmon‘s lab; Albert Einstein College of Medicine; study description), n=74.
  2. Parkinson’s disease (Lorraine Clark‘s lab; Columbia University Medical Center; study description), n=54.

Whole-genome, high-coverage (>50x) sequencing was performed by Complete Genomics. Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry was validated by PCA. The genomes were called using CG pipelines and Both pipelines mapped variants to reference genome version hg19. masterVar files were extracted from the relevant ASM directories and CGATools‘s mkvcf command was used to merge the genomes into a VCF file.

The VCF file is accessible at the European Genome-phenome Archive.